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-News- 07.10.2019-

Server is Online. If you are using M3u make sure your Link is correct. 

It needs to be http://auth.dmtn... 

Not all channels are back online yet. We are working on it! Please dont buy any Tests right now. New Panel has no 3 day premium Test yet. All Test accounts will be activated soon. 

-News- 28.09.2019

Thank you all for your patience. As you know - is it possible to move 8 years work into one week - we are trying to get everything working to normal asap. Realistic will be another 4 days.

Please understand that we wont acivate any accounts until Interface is completly finished. Dont buy if you cant wait.

Please also Note, we can not reply everyone. We get over 200 messages every day. We. Going to fix this problem and everyone is going to get the time which he could not watch in the end.